The Kirby Bot Commands

ban - Bans a user
botserver - The Support Server!
changelog - The changelog.
changemind - Makes a 'change my mind' image
clap - Makes👏spaces👏into👏clapping👏emojis👏because👏why👏not
cuddle - Gives someone a lil' cuddle
devmsg - Send a message to the bot developers about the bot
disconnect - No Brief Availible
discordbotsearch - Searches for a bot
donate - Go to the bot's Patreon.
emojiinfo - Gets an Emoji's Information (Must be a custom emoji)
giphy - Searches the giphy database for gifs.
google - Googles a query for you
hackban - Bans a user not in your server
hastebin - Posts some text to Hastebin
help - Shows this message
hug - Gives someone a lil' hug
invite - Invite the bot to your server!
kick - Kicks a user
kiss - Gives someone a kiss
leave - Sets the leaving channel for this guild (See --help leave for format)
lmgtfy - Gets a LMGTFY link for you
meme - Randomly selects the top 20 Reddit submissions on the memes subreddit
modlog - Modifies the modlog settings for the server 
nootnoot - Noot Noot!
np - No Brief Availible
pause - No Brief Availible
ping - Retrieves the time the bot can communicate with Discord
play - No Brief Availible
prefix - Sets the prefix in the server
purge - Cleans an amount of messages (limit 1000)
queue - No Brief Availible
raidmode - Enables raidmode for the server (See --help raidmode)
repeat - No Brief Availible
shuffle - No Brief Availible
skip - No Brief Availible
stats - Gets a bunch of bot info, since why not
stop - No Brief Availible
subreddit - Gets a random top 10 post from a subreddit of your choice
suggestion - Sends a suggestion to the devs
trump - Makes a fake Trump tweet.
unban - Unbans a user from the server
urban - Searches Urban Dictionary for a definition of a word
userinfo - Shows more info about a certain user
welcome - Sets the welcome channel for this guild (See --help welcome for format)

NSFW Commands

anal - Grabs a pic of anime girls getting anal'd blowjob - Grabs a pic of anime boys getting blowjobbed boobs - Grabs a pic of random hentai boobs cum - Grabs a pic of anime girls getting cummed on furryhentai - Gets some furry porn from r/yiff (random from top 100 hot results) hentai - Grabs a random hentai pic hentaigif - Grabs a random hentai gif lewd - Grabs a lewd-y anime picture lewdneko - Grabs a picture of lewd nekos nsfwneko - Grabs a random nsfw neko gif pussy - Grabs a random anime pussy pic solo - Grabs a pic of anime girls solo'ing trap - Grabs a picture of an anime trap urban - Searches Urban Dictionary for a definition of a word